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Imaging101 Document Imaging / Document Management Software Solution
Imaging101, Inc. has a proven track record in helping companies improve their business processes by transforming paper documents and files into secure electronic images. These can be routed, distributed...
SharePoint 2010 Deployment
We maximize the benefits to your organization of SharePoint 2010 and ensure success in deployment. From simple deployments to those requiring complex networking and database skills, and advanced...
Microsoft Productivity Hub 2010
The 2010 Productivity Hub provides customers an easy-to-use and adaptable SharePoint site template, coupled with compelling features, Silverlight enhancements, and dozens of training content packs aimed...
Quick Apps for SharePoint
With Quick Apps for SharePoint (formerly Web Parts for SharePoint), you can unleash SharePoint’s full potential – without relying on expensive development resources for every customization and enhancement...
Business Analytics and Reporting Solutions
Challenge: All too often, business data is hard to get and use. Your abilities to make knowledgeable business decisions with real-time data suffer.  Solution: Our Analytics and Reporting solution uses...
Version: 2011
AccuTrack - Academic Center Management Software (0 Reviews)
AccuTrack is unique software that was specially designed for managing academic centers such as tutoring, advising, student support, and virtually any other academic center. AccuTrack was the first...
Acxem: Email Management for Outlook Users (0 Reviews)
Acxem is email management and collaboration software that provides autmoatic email consolidation across multiple files and accounts, instant search and access, and one-click communication history With...
Antares Signature SharePoint Solutions (0 Reviews)
Our Antares SharePoint Signature Processes enables you to get control of your content-based information. We have a series of offerings that begin by identifying, profiling and understanding your business’...
AnyView Information Delivery System (AnyView IDS) (0 Reviews)
Can’t find the information you need in your database? AnyView IDS is the answer. If you see a field in your database that you want on a report, you just search for that field in AnyView IDS and easily...
BIAnalytix (0 Reviews)
Decentrix, Inc. is a technology and consulting company specializing in Business Intelligence for media (specifically TV station groups and TV Networks, Radio Station groups and Radio Networks, Cable...