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Innowera Process Runner
Process Runner provides easy to use user interface designed for non technical work force. Process Runner offers following unique features to make every SAP run enterprise more productive: · Supports...
Create any type of record, any time you want, from any source of data without writing a single line of code! SmartConnect makes integration and automation simple. It focuses on the needs of companies...
Version: 2013, 2010, 10, 9
OST2 PST Converter
If you are looking for a freeware that will convert OST to PST file format quickly and easily, OST2 is what you need. After a couple of clicks, you will be able to open the converted PST file in Outlook....
Release Date: 3/22/2013
Version: 1.11
LookupPoint is a compelling advance in productivity technology which brings together the worlds of business productivity applications (Microsoft Office) and back-end information systems so that even...
ASG-Safari Suite (0 Reviews)
The ASG-Safari Suite is a powerful, flexible, and extensible server-based data management solution used to access and organize data environments and to provide intelligent information via data analytics,...
Release Date: 2/26/2014
Version: 8.6.0
Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics AX (0 Reviews)
Atlas is used daily by more than 2,000 AX customers in 30+ countries. Atlas is the only solution in the market which makes Microsoft Office another AX Client. Microsoft provide their rich client and...
Release Date: 7/1/2012
Version: 5.1
Autotask Analysis Cube (0 Reviews)
The Autotask Analysis Cube allows users to gain a better insight into the resource utilization within the database tier of your infrastructure. By leveraging the power of Excel 2010, users can analyse and...
Release Date: 4/4/2014
Version: 1.1
BizViz Productivity Analytics (0 Reviews)
Visual OEE, KPIs and Analysis for Operational Excellence. BizViz Productivity Analytics empowers decision makers at all levels of the enterprise with real-time and accurate information to help them drive...
Corporate Intranets With SharePoint (0 Reviews)
Infusion delivers corporate intranet portals with SharePoint 2010 that streamline numerous processes while delivering a significantly enhanced user experience. The intranet includes a customized content...
DAFConnect Pro (0 Reviews)
DAFConnect is a standalone, lightweight tool that makes it easy to load any file into SharePoint 2007 & 2010 or into a DAF Repository in the DigitalAsset Finder product. DAFConnect makes it easy to load...
Release Date: 1/1/2012
Version: 3.0