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PC Cleaner Pro
We believe computers are meant to speed things up, not slow things down, so you can work smarter and faster. You shouldn't have to waste time dealing with viruses, spyware, PC errors, Registry problems,...
Release Date: 1/1/2012
Version: 10
Abstract Manager (0 Reviews)
Cobius Healthcare Solutions, LLC is a leading provider of health information management and revenue cycle software for healthcare providers.  The company's Abstract Manager is a .NET application that...
Always Available (0 Reviews)
The Always Available suite uses software switches to fork user sessions at the presentation layer, enabling applications to process in multiple data centes. Support for Web Services as well as legacy...
B+B Doall (0 Reviews)
DOALL is an easy/powerful database to edit, delete, sort or select data in any .DBF file. DOALL is a self-contained, customizable database for any .dbf type file for Mailings, Telemarketing, Sales Leads, ...
Release Date: 3/28/2011
Version: 6.80
BizTalk EDI Enhancements (0 Reviews)
• TwoConnect's BizTalk EDI Enhancements builds on the EDI framework in BizTalk Server 2010 making EDI integration development faster and more flexible while providing a smoother transition from legacy EDI...
Release Date: 3/25/2012
Version: 3.0
Business Intelligence and Analytics (0 Reviews)
CarpeDatum specializes in the development of Business Intelligence systems utilizing OLAP technologies that enable users to interactively view and analyze their data so they can make timely, accurate,...
Case Complete (0 Reviews)
Case Complete helps organizations capture project requirements by helping them write effective use cases. Use cases provide a framework that promotes thorough investigation of behavioral requirements,...
Central Payment Portal (0 Reviews)
Central Payment Portal (CPP) is a fully-featured payment portal that lets enterprises accept and process credit cards, electronic checks, and cash payments across multiple departments and agencies through...
Centralized Customer Management (0 Reviews)
Centralized Customer Management (CCM) is an innovative way to reach out to existing customers and bring on new ones by using your organizational hierarchy to drive and track data. It analyzes information...
CERECONS (0 Reviews)
Enabling better medical administration through the use of a centralized, web-based software solution. With CERECONS, customers can more efficiently process authorization and billing claims for patient...