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AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth: identity assurance
When staff use static passwords, there’s no way to determine if the intended user is logged in, or if it’s someone pretending to be them. Just one leaked password could give an intruder access to...
Version: 4.6
Centralized Authentication and Accounting Based Solutions (0 Reviews)
Our company, Evolynx, Inc. works to solve the needs of small, medium, and enterprise sized businesses that work in the area of Internet Service, WiFi HotSpot and Voice Over IP. Our company’s product,...
PingFederate (0 Reviews)
With PingFederate, you can easily extend Active Directory and other enterprise identity management systems to Office 365 and all of its applications for browser and application single sign on access...
Release Date: 9/12/2012
Version: 6.10
Product Comparator (0 Reviews)
Product Comparator is meant for companies who would like to give the option for the customers to choose from a variety of the products they offer. Typical use is for electronic or sophisticated electronic...
Release Date: 10/4/2012