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DigitalPersona Pro SDK
Fingerprint Biometrics for Commercial Apps and Civil ID We help customers stop fraud, speed workflow, simplify compliance and reduce IT costs. Ideal for developers interested in adding biometrics to your...
Bulk Password Reset (0 Reviews)
Organizations that have Active Directory deployed usually manage all user accounts centrally. But every server and workstation in your network still has a local administrator account and many IT...
Release Date: 6/4/2009
Version: 2.0
Cayosoft Admin Assistant (0 Reviews)
Cayosoft Admin Assistant™ delivers the missing management layer needed to simplify Active Directory & Office 365 Administration and other day-to-day tasks on a variety of on-premises and cloud...
Release Date: 3/31/2014
Version: 2.7
Cyber-Ark DNA (0 Reviews)
CyberArk DNA is a standalone, easy to use tool that scans the organizational directory to discover privileged accounts and their status, often the root-cause of audit failures and advanced targeted...
Release Date: 10/21/2013
Version: 3
Directory Permission Checker (0 Reviews)
Use Directory Permission Checker to display file directory security permissions for groups and users with drill down capabilities. First select a directory. You can then retrieve all users / groups and...
Release Date: 4/22/2013
Version: 1.0
Easy Security Light (0 Reviews)
NAV Easy Security Light is an efficient, cost-effective way to maintain security in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, greatly enhancing NAV’s security features - perfect for companies with less complex security...
Release Date: 4/1/2012
Version: 1.00
Imanami GroupID Reports (0 Reviews)
Identity and Access Management is critical for organizations of all sizes. Security can be compromised, and employees can’t do their jobs without an efficient method of establishing and maintaining user...
Passman.NET (0 Reviews)
Are you becoming overwhelmed with trying to remember which user name and password you used on which website or program? Now you only have to come to one secure place and remember only one password! ...
Release Date: 8/14/2011
SmartUtil (0 Reviews)
This Smart Card Utility is a graphical tool that facilitates testing and deployment of smart cards. We’ve provided the following modes of operation: 1. Initialize a smart card. This creates the basic...
Release Date: 6/12/2014
MultiSmartVmd Inspector (0 Reviews)
SmartVMD Inspector is user friendly software for detecting and monitoring objects motion through a live video feed such as a Web Cam. SmartVMD could be use for many applications such as surveillance,...
Release Date: 5/1/2014
Version: 4.5.2