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zFTPServer Suite
zFTPServer Suite - Secure Document and Information Management; the Easy Way How do you distribute documents, blueprints, or other large files to workgroups, board members, or external business partners?...
Release Date: 3/17/2014
Version: 10.1
Arc (0 Reviews)
Arc gives you the ability to share native content that resides in internal content management systems or native Windows folders directly through a web portal to users outside your company in a way that is...
Release Date: 4/7/2014
Version: 1.7
Dundas Dashboards for Business Intelligence and Mobile Applications (0 Reviews)
Dundas Dashboards for Business Intelligence and Mobile Applications Dundas Dashboard brings together all of the tools you need to build meaningful, interactive and fully customized dashboards in one easy...
Release Date: 2/3/2014
Version: 5
Election Night Reporting (ENR) Application (0 Reviews)
Arikkan’s Election Night Reporting (ENR) is a solution that delivers real-time election results to the citizens through cutting edge graphics and easy to read statistical data. Interactive graphical...
Release Date: 6/3/2014
Get Real Health’s InstantPHR® - Patient Engagement Platform (0 Reviews)
Our Microsoft technology-based patient engagement platform allows healthcare providers to quickly and cost-effectively implement patient engagement applications that help improve patient satisfaction and...
Release Date: 2/27/2014
Version: 3.3
GSX Monitor and Analyzer for SharePoint and Exchange (0 Reviews)
Atidan is pleased to offer GSX Monitor and Analyzer for SharePoint and for Exchange - On premise or in Office 365. GSX Monitor for SharePoint Monitor, Report and Alert on the components and services that...
Release Date: 7/7/2014
Version: 2
SoNET Web Engine (0 Reviews)
The SoNET Web Engine from iRadek Software is capable of generating thousands of, dynamic "Social Websites". These sites are not a "Profile" as with other platforms but complete feature rich websites that...
Release Date: 2/19/2014
SRS EHR (0 Reviews)
The industry-leading, total-practice SRS Electronic Health Record (EHR) improves physician productivity, boosts revenue, slashes overhead and enhances patient care. With an unmatched record of successful...
Release Date: 5/8/2014
Version: 9.1
SuiteHelp (0 Reviews)
SuiteHelp: High-Level Online Help Integrated with SharePoint Give your customers robust and high-level online help with cross-browser and cross-platform support. SuiteHelp harnesses the latest...
Release Date: 3/29/2014
Version: 3.2
Taskr Task Management for Office 365 (0 Reviews)
Taskr for Office 365 helps you organize your work life to better manage your workload. Going beyond simple task tracking, Taskr lets you better prioritize and coordinate work with colleagues. Easy Fast...
Release Date: 5/30/2014
Version: 1.0