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MapDotNet UX
MapDotNet UX is a suite of software products for geospatial visualization, analysis and integration. The products in the suite are designed to be used together or individually to create solutions....
Release Date: 2/1/2011
Version: 8.1
Agility Content Management Suite
Implementation Planning: Agility is the only content management vendor that offers comprehensive implementation planning services with every account: - Turn your requirements into a blueprint for CMS...
Version: Cloud-based
Industry: High-Performance Online Platform Summary: Your entire business online. The time where companies were represented on the Internet in a static manner is a thing of the past. Currently, companies...
Release Date: 8/28/2009
Version: 3.0
SocialSearch (0 Reviews)
Want to harness the power of user data and forward-thinking creative to build your brand? Manifest Digital creates sustainable solutions that harmonize the needs of businesses, people and the systems they...
Release Date: 5/5/2014
Version: 1.0
SpatialPoint Store Locator (0 Reviews)
Web-based locator to help customers and prospects locate and get to your retail, office or service locations. Uses Microsoft Bing Maps. Store locators are essential for any company with multiple business...
Release Date: 3/1/2013
Version: 3.0
eGovHub - The Local Government eForm Suite (0 Reviews)
eGovHub eForms have been designed to be able to enable citizens to collaborate with local government and facilitate channel shift. The eForms’ built-in intelligence gives the citizen better...
Release Date: 3/1/2011
MPP - Multi Portal Platform (0 Reviews)
The Multi Portal Platform promote planning and management of economic, social and environmental development from a region in one multi portal platform. Supports multiple independent portals, where each...
ORCA (0 Reviews)
ORCA ( ) is a successful multimedia CRM and Email/SMS/MMS system that helps you turn sales leads into customers and to grow your existing customer base. We have franchise options....