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ServicePoint365 is a template application designed to maximize the collaboration and content management capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online. The solution consists of a number of “Centers” that are preconfigured to help companies better organize, collaborate and manage their client-, project-, proposal- and resource-related information. Customers simply apply ServicePoint365 to their Office 365’s SharePoint Online environment and immediately start managing and collaborating on critical information in a secure, stable and easy-to-use environment.

ServicePoint365 Centers:

• Company Center
• Client Center
• Project Center
• Staffing Center
• Sales Center
• Solution Center
• Delivery Center
• Knowledge Center
• Resource Center
• Partner Center

ServicePoint365 provides an intuitive easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface that helps users with little or no SharePoint experience unlock the value of Office365 SharePoint Online.

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  • Overall Rating 5 stars

Improve Visibility To Content And Team Collaboration

Reviewed by:drowles Reviewed on:1/27/2014

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

ServicePoint365 was a great decision for our business

Reviewed by:BPope Reviewed on:1/22/2014

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

ServicePoint 365 is a great tool!

Reviewed by:AndresPinilla Reviewed on:1/15/2014

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