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SharePoint 2010 Deployment

by Synesis IT

We maximize the benefits to your organization of SharePoint 2010 and ensure success in deployment. From simple deployments to those requiring complex networking and database skills, and advanced architecture, we make sure your SharePoint 2010 implementation meets your organization’s business vision, information architecture and IT objectives.

We can:

- Deploy using best practices, excellent design, and proper training ensures an early return on your investment
- Capture your business logic in SharePoint 2010 workflow, custom webparts, forms, and services
- Configure security, access, and permissions
- Application integration with SharePoint 2010
- Mediate migration and deployment risk factors with our analysis of your existing data
- SharePoint 2010 Server Architecture and Database considerations

SharePoint immediately boosts information flow and productivity - but it has many levels of complexity and endless possibilities.

Working with an experienced partner means your organization can save time and get the performance, products, and functionality you envision.

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Security and Architecture Super Solid -

Reviewed by:WebsterAllianceAssoc Reviewed on:1/21/2011

  • 5.0
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SharePoint 2010 Implementation

Reviewed by:Tom_Reid1 Reviewed on:10/19/2010

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