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WorkPlace Requisition for Dynamics

by Paramount Technologies

Workplace Requisition includes an intuitive user dashboard where users can at a glance view the status of all current activities from requisition to matching of goods and services. User-specific field templates define the fields that can be viewed, read-only, required and defaulted; lookups can be restricted with non-financial lists. Automatic and customizable email notifications at every step of the process keep users informed. Multiple GL accounts can be assigned to a single requisition line, and costs distributed between accounts by currency amount or percentage. Workplace Requisition supports the delegation of requisitions to any user for input prior to approval. Users can request and fulfill items from available stock in inventory.

Workplace Requisition supports any approval structure and organizational hierarchy with role-based security/approval and unlimited levels of approval. Approvers can specify approval alternates, and requisitions can be re-routed for approval based on 20 different criteria, including amount, department, GL account, vendor, vendor item, priority, item, location, ship to, customer ID, company, currency and more. 

WorkPlace Requisition for Dynamics offers comprehensive and complete web-based electronic procurement capabilities for the enterprise including requisitioning, flexible email based Approval system. WorkPlace Requisition gives you a simple yet powerful way to create and process requisitions with approval workflow throughout the entire process that matches your organizations structures and policies.

Component modules include:

- Requisition
- Receiving
- Invoice Matching
- Check-Request
- Delegate
- Punch-Out
- GL Distribution
- Vendor Contract
- Budget Manager
- PO Change Order
- Inventory Replenishment
- Inventory Fulfillment
- DocInsite
- Mobile

Interfaces include:

- Multicurrency
- Project Accounting
- Encumbrance Management
- PO Commitments
- Analytical Accounting
- DocInsite
- Document Management
- Binary Stream
- KwikTag
- WennSoft

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