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xRM1 Idea Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by xRM1 Business Solutions

xRM1 Idea Management is the complete solution for Business Innovation in Microsoft CRM.

The complete idea lifecycle, from the idea campaign to submission, concept, evaluation, implementation, idea reward up to idea reviews is covered by the solution.

• Microsoft CRM Integrated

xRM1 Idea Management is fully integrated in Microsoft CRM. It is multilingual, supports multiple currencies and is available for offline use.

All existing information from the Microsoft CRM contact management as well as the sales, marketing, project and service modules (sales opportunities, orders, campaigns, projects, tickets etc.) can be used in or linked to xRM1 Idea Management. Cross-departmental work is available ‘out of the box’.

• Support in all Phases of Idea Management

- Campaigns and Contests
- Idea Submitting
- Open Discussion
- Validation
- Concept
- Evaluation
- Decision and Prioritization
- Implementation in Projects
- Idea Reward
- Review

• Additional Supporting Features

- Reports and Diagrams
- Document Management
- Mobile Apps
- Office Integration
- ERP Integration

• Languages

xRM1 Idea Management is available in the following languages:
- English
- German
- Spanish
- French
- Russian
- Dutch
- Portuguese
- Czech
- Mandarin Chinese

Each user has the ability to select their own language preference.

• Buy or Subscribe

There are three purchase options for xRM1 Idea Management to choose from:
- Buying directly from the manufacturer
- Subscribe to Microsoft CRM online in the Cloud, from the manufacturer
- Subscribe through a certified hosting company

Talk with us, we are happy to help you find the right alternative.

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amanda-bolton 12345

Reviewed by:amanda-bolton12345 Reviewed on:11/27/2013

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cross departmental work is great!

Reviewed by:SidneyRon Reviewed on:5/17/2013

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