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Adeaca Corp.

Advanced Project PME - Complete Project ERP for Project Manufacturing and Engineering

by Adeaca Corp.

Advanced Projects PME is designed for project driven; manufacturing, service and engineering companies, that are faced with the challenging task of managing large and complex projects, often with a low degree of project repeatability.

At its core the project management task can be summarized by five critical project components; time, costs & budgets, materials, resources and deliverables. With full project life cycle support Advanced Projects PME provides a single consolidated solution that enables you to effectively manage all critical project components, operational as well as administrative.

- Project Management
- Project Resource Management
- Project & Portfolio Analytics
- Project Costing
- Project Workflow Management
- Project Collaboration
- Project Supply Chain
- Project Billing

Advanced Projects® PME will help you with:
◾Consolidate all critical business processes into a single integrated application
◾Significantly reduce risk across your organization
◾Optimize manpower and equipment and increase utilization
◾Facilitate collaboration across organizations and with vendors and suppliers
◾Create consistency in your bidding and quoting processes
◾Accurately predict budget variance and financial performance of your complete project portfolio
◾More accurately manage costs and maintain a lean inventory

Advanced Projects is a native solution to Microsoft Dynamics AX, fully integrated and extends standard Dynamics AX project modules I+II and III (a.k.a. PSA or Services Industries).

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