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Atea Jumpstart - Desktop Deployment Solution

by Atea Global Services

Deploying and maintaining a modern desktop environment for hundreds of users can be very expensive, complicated, and time consuming. Analyzing the environment, planning the rollout, image preparation, user data and settings capturing, deploying images, reinstalling applications, and restoring user and application settings are just some of the many steps involved in an operating system deployment.

Not only that, but once deployed, desktop applications must be managed over lengthy lifecycles and through many upgrades.

Atea Jumpstart 2012 Standard is a Microsoft Windows desktop deployment solution packaged into a standard (repeatable and upgradable) implementation.

Integrated with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Jumpstart 2012 automates the following processes:

• Deployment and configuration of new computers
• Upgrade of existing computers with a newer or same operating system
• Replacement of existing desktops in the environment
• Distribution, replacement, installation, and management of applications (while maintaining user settings)

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