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CS RME - Resource Management Extension

by Campana & Schott

CS RME – Resource management between project and line organization

- Plan projects including resource assignments in Microsoft Project Server 2010 in the project manager role
- Use standard product ‘CS Resource Management Extension’ (CS RME) to manage the resource assignments
- Project managers use the ‘Request Builder’ to send requests for the current project and selected resources
- Requests are shown in the ‘Request Center’ where resource managers can select and react
- A selected request is answered in the ‘Staffing Cockpit’ by identifying, selecting and committing resources
- Reports compare current project planning with approved commitments and highlight deviations

Advantages/ Benefits:
- Transparency: Resource allocations, upcoming projects and resource commitments are visible to all roles
- Reliability: Resource commitments are validated by a resource manager and have more significance
- Sustainability: Commitments are stored in a dedicated database (project managers cannot change it); Reports are available to analyze project planning with commitments

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