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ETRONIKA has reinvented the online banking with its revolutionary Natural User Interface (NUI) software. Our Kinect-powered solution enables users to control and interact with online banking using only voice and gestures. At the same time users can access full functionality of online banking. This is a new e-channel on top of ETRONIKA's Online Banking Solution. It performs user identification and authorization, provides user-related banking services.

The user is recognized by capturing his/her face and voice samples during login procedure and comparing them with samples stored in database. ETRONIKA combines its own biometric data processing technology with 3rd party solutions. Identification process can work in various situations: different ambient light, alterations of face and voice expressions or user‘s appearance. As additional security measure NUI Banking can use wireless PKI based Mobile Signature for sensitive operations.

After login, user can accomplish desired operations by using variety of spoken commands and hand gestures. ETRONIKA's R&D has performed usability tests in order to select the optimal set of hand gestures.
The solution requires PC with full HD screen and Microsoft Kinect. UI is developed on Microsoft WPF. Personalized content is delivered through web-services. Solution’s interface is highly adjustable and supports integration via web services or any other ESB supported standards. Currently we have a basic set of banking services like account statements, credit cards, payments, PFM, etc.

ETRONIKA NUI Banking was demoed at FinovateEurope2012 among the most advanced financial and banking innovations and featured in magazines WIRED, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Engadget, etc.

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