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EventTracker Driveshield

by Prism Microsystems, Inc

The proliferation of writable media devices such as USB thumb drives and CD/DVD has increased security challenges throughout networks.

EventTracker DriveShield logs information on CD/DVD burning activities using the included Roxio Secure Burn Plus program or to any USB mass storage device. EventTracker DriveShield provides complete visibility into files be loaded from or onto these devices as it is happening.

Gain visibility into files copied from or onto writable devices in real-time.

EventTracker DriveShield generates incident alerts to immediately notify IT or Security personnel that a policy has been violated, and optionally launches automatic remediation actions such as preventing the files from being copied.

EventTracker DriveShield Includes:

- Quick installation

- Roxio Secure Burn Plus software upgrade (included) that encrypts data (FIPS 140-2) burned to disc and captures CD/DVD burning audit events including who burned what. It’s an essential upgrade if you need to burn a CD/DVD.

- EventTracker DriveShield agent ensures events are captured in real-time on the originating workstations and servers, encrypted, and sent to the DriveShield console.

- The console provides administrative access to deploy DriveShield to targeted systems and set up policies and reporting. Alerts and emailed reports are sent to appropriate managers, administrators or SOC/NOC staff.

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