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EventTracker Pulse

by Prism Microsystems, Inc

Log data provides valuable insight into the health and security of a company’s IT infrastructure. Analysis of this data allows network, system and security administrators to:

Diagnose system issues before they turn into service-disrupting incidents
Detect security incidents before costly breaches occur
Answer the questions: What happened (is happening?) When did it happen? Who or what caused it?

However, many companies ignore this valuable data because of the cost and complexity involved in collection and analysis.

EventTracker Pulse enables IT personnel to increase IT efficiency, availability and enhance security by providing dependable access to the insight contained in log data in an easy to implement and cost-effective subscription-based software package. EventTracker Pulse automates the collection and secure storage of all log data, and provides alerting, powerful search and analysis capabilities, all at a surprisingly affordable price.

EventTracker Pulse can be used by departmental and system admins to gain visibility into systems and components that are responsible for, as well as IT security personnel as a security alerting and forensics tool.

EventTracker Pulse is a powerful framework for consolidating and analyzing event logs to gain actionable insight into what is happening in an IT infrastructure.

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