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Extract Data for Microsoft Excel

by Add-in Express

Extract Data for Microsoft Excel will help you to extract the selected rows and convert them to columns. You can choose to extract entire rows or selected columns only. You can extract each row to an individual worksheet or all rows to one worksheet and group the extracted data by a specified column. With this tool you can easily change the way your Excel data is laid out, make it easy to print, review or analyze.

There are many tasks that this helpful add-in can automate for you:

- group records and export each group to a separate spreadsheet;
- present your data in a questionnaire way to make them easy to print;
- group the extracted information by the selected column;
- or copy row data to separate worksheets.

If you need to rearrange the contents of your Excel table in a handy way for analysis or to make it more convenient for printing, Extract Data is exactly what you need. The add works with Microsoft Excel 2003 - 2010.

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