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Add-in Express

Fill Blank Cells for Microsoft Excel

by Add-in Express

Fill Blank Cells for Microsoft Excel automatically fill blanks in the selected columns with the value of the cell above or below. It can save you plenty of time and effort if numerous blocks with missing data in your table don't let you sort, filter your list or use some other Excel function.

With Fill Blank Cells for Microsoft Excel, you can get rid of empty cells in 3 easy steps:
- Fill all blank ranges upwards or downwards in different columns of your table at once.
- Automatically copy a value to the empty cells until it reaches a non-blank cell.
- Choose to split merged cells in your worksheet.
- Indicate if your table has headers.
- Specify if you need to fill the empty cells upwards or downwards.

You no longer need to find and fill each blank block manually - this helpful tool will do it for you in seconds.
The add-in works with Microsoft Excel 2010 32-bit and 64-bit, 2007, 2003.

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