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OpenLM Utilizer

by OpenLM

OpenLM software products enhance the capabilities of floating license management systems, such as FLEXlm / FLEXnet, IBM LUM, Sentinel HASP / SafeNet HASP and Reprise RLM.

- OpenLM’s enhancements provide clear and comprehensive license usage statistics, improving managerial procurement decisions, and avoiding excessive investment in expensive software licenses. Studies show that OpenLM’s solution enables organizations to double the number of software users, with the existing pool of licenses.

- OpenLM improves the R&D work flow by optimizing license utilization, and empowering users to obtain floating licenses by themselves. This off loads repetitive mundane tasks from system administrators.

- OpenLM’s clear license usage statistics are imperative for streamlining billing processes according to cost centers.

- OpenLM is an ESRI Business partner. This enables OpenLM to provide better support to ESRI users, making the best out of their investment in ESRI Software.

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