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Add-on Solutions for Dynamics CRM

by c360

All c360 products enhance and extend the functionality of MS Dynamics CRM. With products such as "Record Editor" that allows users to edit system views in one easy grid format; "Customer Portal" that allows external clients access to a personal online portal to maintain, enter and track critical customer information; "My Workplace" that provides a user-friendly queue manager; "Multi-Field Search" which allows for quick and easy searches across all entities and multiple fields; "Alerts" provides pop up messages when opening records with special handling instructions, and many others solutions. c360 recently acquired "Relationship Charts" that provides graphical representation of all entities and their relationships in a visual format.

At c360, we engineered our products to take advantage of MS Dynamics CRM 2011's advances in usability and functionality to provide a richer, more productive experience to your users for either on-premise installations or online.

c360 Productivity Packs combine multiple c360 products to help you get more out of Microsoft CRM. Our Core Productivity Pack includes tools which all CRM users can benefit from while our Sales and Service Productivity Packs provide functionality geared toward users focused in those areas.

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