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colima communications GmbH

Cerebro – Round off your Lync server

Cerebro is a very easy-to-use, modular application. This product offers entirely new, smart productivity-enhancing functions including many functions requested by users for Lync such as BusyOnBusy, Black-/Whitelist, Offline IM or Call Pickup. Lync users can use the features, simple and intuitive, on various devices including pc, smartphones or tablets. Certified partners can adapt existing modules to the needs of their customers or develop complete customized modules for colima Cerebro.

colima offers the following default modules for Cerebro:

- BusyOnBusy: Reject all incoming calls during subsequent calls.
- Call Pickup: Pick up a call from a certain group or from a particular end device.
- Blacklist/Whitelist: Reject or redirect calls or instant messages or ensure availability regardless of presence status through Whitelist.
- Offline-IM: Send an instant message to a user, although he is offline.
- Notification of the presence or presence status notice change or the automatic deletion of the presence status note.

In addition to the contained modules, colima offers optional modules.

- Single product instead of many tools
- Native Lync technology = 100% compatible + small footprint
- Simple and intuitive to use and to administer
- Simple license model

Suitable for:
- Companies
- Lync administrators
- Lync users
- Office 365 users
- Lync-hosting providers
- manufacturers of Lync additional products
- application vendors
- distributors
- system integrators

System Requirements
- Lync Server 2010 Standard or Enterprise Edition
- Office365

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Screenshot 1 out of 1