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Connectivity Studio for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

by To-Increase

Connectivity Studio, part of the To-Increase Business Integration Solutions, delivers an advanced integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV. It simplifies integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and virtually any external system.
By making integrations using modeling and configuration interfaces, integrations can be set up and maintained easily. No programming is required; instead, users work with an Integration Project that contains one or more document definitions for mapping a data structure and data field to Microsoft Dynamics NAV tables and fields.

Key benefits
· Provides integration out of the box through configuring and modeling, with no need to develop and write source code
· Enables efficient, error-free data exchange with generic export and import functions
· Supports a wide range of integrations with flexible capabilities
· Requires minimal implementation effort
· Includes metadata support that eliminates the need to know the Microsoft Dynamics NAV data model
· Makes it easy to apply custom format and validation rules
· Supports event-driven exports
· Delivers smooth request/reply capabilities
· Supports all Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions and localizations

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