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CRM Solution Manager

by Simpler Software

CRM Solution Manager is a Visual Studio Extension that integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 development directly into Visual Studio 2010. You can create, edit and publish web resources, SSRS reports, Silverlight web resrouces and edit the sitemap all within Visual Studio 2010.

No more copying and pasting javascript from an editor, or even trying to modify the script from within the CRM jscript web page. With Visual Studio's intellisense and syntax highlighting you'll be coding javascript files accurately and efficiently in no time. You can even minify your scripts when they are published to CRM giving your CRM pages the quickest load time possible.

CRM Solution Manager allows you to edit the sitemap with the most comprehensive and easy to use sitemap editor that is integrated directly into Visual Studio. No more tweaking with XML in a text editor. Simply open up your sitemap in Visual Studio and make your modifications with a GUI that looks just like CRM. You can modify the sitemap with the ease of drag and drop capabilities. Changing an icon is as simple as selecting one from a picklist.

CRM Solution Manager allows you to create, edit and publish SSRS reports directly from Visual Studio® 2010. No more editing in Visual Studio, switching to CRM, opening up the report for editing, browsing for the .rdl file, and saving the report entity. Publishing your modified report file from Visual Studio is as easy as the click of a single button.

Have you ever wanted to recover an old report, or can't remember what changed from one version of a file to another? Have you ever created a bug with your newly published jscript file?

CRM Solution Manager automatically creates a backup every time you publish a file to CRM so you can revert back to any previously published version at any time with the press of a single button.

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