Immidio Flex+ User Environment Management

by Immidio

Many organizations suffer from hidden productivity loss as a result of inconsistent IT user experiences and continuing ad hoc activities such as manually mapping network drives and printers or providing application shortcuts to end-users. This so called distortion not only impacts end-users but also affects IT departments. The deployment of a User Environment Management (UEM) solution removes the need for these manual interventions and decreases costs while increasing reliability and customer satisfaction. Flex+, the new User Environment Management solution developed by Dutch software vendor Immidio, offers a cost-effective solution for creating a consistent user experience in Windows environments and significantly eliminates this distortion.

The use of multiple devices, including ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and the ability to work in different places, within or outside the corporate network and facilities, require a consistent and personalized user experience across locations and devices. Users expect that applications will just work and that installation and use are simply one click away. Immidio enables organizations to address the changing needs that result from this consumerization and workshifting. Immidio Flex+ offers a desktop that adjusts to the actual situation of the end user, providing access to the IT resources that are required based on a user’s role, device and location.

The products of the existing big Windows infrastructure vendors (e.g. Microsoft, Citrix, VMware) do not deliver all of the capabilities required to address these changing needs. Many organizations attempt to resolve this by configuring, customizing and tweaking their existing infrastructure with scripts, group policies and whatever else is required to meet internal customer demand. Immidio’s strategy has always been to build on the capabilities of an existing Microsoft Windows infrastructure, and to offer an evolutionary path towards a better overall solution. Immidio Flex+ is different from other UEM solutions because it simply and naturally fits into the current architecture, infrastructure, timeline and budget, regardless of whether physical or virtual desktops are used.

With Flex+, Immidio offers an extremely competitive UEM solution, requiring no additional backend infrastructure investments. Flex+ scales seamlessly with the existing Microsoft infrastructure and is implemented in a matter of days, at a fraction of the price of comparable solutions.

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