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Gateway TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd.

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IND | View Map & Address

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Phone: +91 79 2685 2554
Fax: +91 79 2685 8591

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Business Intelligence

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Gateway has a team of Business Intelligence specialists delivering Business Intelligence Solutions using tooling ranging from basic Reporting Tools built from HTML, Excel (Pivot Charts), Microsoft SQL Server Reporting System, custom solution using .Net & Java, to Open source Business Intelligence solution such as Pentaho, commercial solution such as LogiXML and others. We have delivered Business Intelligence Solutions providing key features such as Interactive Dashboard, Graphical Information with Geographic Mapping, Robust Query & Reporting Tool with User Friendly Grid, Monitoring & Analysis using Slice and Dice, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) & EIS (Executive Information System) dashboard and many more.

Business Intelligence Technical Competencies:

-Architectural Data Modeling and Design
-Data Warehousing & Data Integration
-Data storage (Master Data & Data Mart)
-Enterprise Reporting, OLAP, OLAP Cubes, Dashboards, Advanced BI techniques such as event driven BI & add-on BI tool
-SSIS (SQL Server Integrating System) , SSRS (SQL Server Reporting System) , SSAS (SQL Server Analysis System)
-Reporting tools (free/paid) such as Crystal Reports, Jasper, Logi Info, Cactus and many more
-Databases: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL & Oracle

Benefits (BI) Solution @ Gateway.

-Provide power of Decision Aids by making a robust Decision Support System (DSS) for the organization
-Efficient collection and distribution of key data and statistics
-Gain strategic direction
-Enables quick and fact-based decision making
-Monitor, track and manage real time activities
-Consolidated Enterprise data allowing interfacing with external systems such as ERP,CRM & others

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