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InaPlex Professional Services

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InaPlex Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Integration and Migration.

The InaPlex Professional Services Group draws on extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, migrating from mid-market CRM systems, and integrating data pools. This experience positions us strongly to provide effective and cost efficient data integration and migration services.

InaPlex offers training and consulting services at a competitive rate, and is happy to quote fixed price projects. Our flexible approach means that clients get exactly the services they need to meet their particular requirements, and references are happily provided on request.

InaPlex also has an extensive network of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners experienced in using Inaport for data integration and data migration projects. We would be happy to recommend a Partner in your vicinity.

For more information about InaPlex Professional Services, please visit our website at, or email InaPlex at with questions, or to arrange a no-cost, no obligation consultation.

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