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Stylus Systems Pvt Ltd

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Intelligent Business Software Services | Stylusinc

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  • Service Type:

    Integrated Services Package
  • Business Need:

    Data Analytics, Reporting, Business Intelligence (BI), Business Application Development, Business Process Management
  • Works With:

    Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence Edition, Web Solutions - Custom E-Commerce... (more)
  • Industry Focus:

    Architecture, Engineering & Construction, General - Applicable to All, Manufacturing

Over 300 Mid-Size companies in N. America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa have benefited from our unique Radical Rooting approach to designing, implementing and maintaining software solutions since 1999. Our unique approach allows you to:
1. Take your ideas further, to bring out the true value within them
2. Take your requirements further, so that you always get more that you expect
3. Take your technology solutions further, so that it releases you to see a fresh perspective
4. Take your budget further, so that together we co-create your future
5. Take your reports further, so that you make decisions with information and insight.
We do this through effective:
• Analysis of the client's Stated Business Problem (SBP)
• Identification of key processes and metrics
• Discovery of root causes and problem drivers
• Design of innovative software solutions that address key drivers
• Creation, deployment, migration and training
• Maintenance and Enhancements based on user feedback
• Reporting on key metrics to validate impact of our solution on the Stated Business Problem (SBP)
if you think that you have a problem where technology can help, but you just don't know why and how, contact us, and let us think together to create something new.

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