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Techno Brain Ltd

InspireHRM, Human Resources & Payroll Management System

by Techno Brain Ltd

InspireHRM is a completely web based human resources and payroll management system for facilitating human resource departments of organizations globally. Techno Brain’s InspireHRM, a Microsoft Certified ISV Product, enables HR departments to focus on strategic initiatives that impact business growth, devote more time to address complex employee requests ultimately resulting in improved employee satisfaction, manage their human capital, build strong workforce and operate payroll process in an efficient manner.

InspireHRM main features includes:

- Scalable to suit growing HR business needs and can be seamlessly integrated with financial software like MS Dynamics and other ERP packages
- Makes payroll processing a simple task for a company can to accomplish it in-house with more ease
- It has the ability to stimulate employee alignment, deliver significant cost savings and improve administrative responsiveness & efficiency
- Supports multiuser access and configurable allowances & deductions (Set your own formula)

The major benefits of InspireHRM are:

- Provides a comprehensive and user friendly web-interface allowing employees to view their own HR related information like payroll, benefits, leave balance, etc.
- Completely automates and streamlines human resource procedures and in-house payroll processing
- Reduces payroll processing time, allows staff attendance tracking and workforce planning
- Manages the complete recruitment and selection process life cycle
- Provides a multi-level security system ensuring employee data security
- Generates relevant reports, maintains accuracy and keeps track of system updates by maintaining audit trails

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