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CGI offers 3 applications:
Add-in/Add-on by: CGI
Release Date: 8/1/2012
Price: For Purchase
FlexProperty is an ERP solution built to cater to the requirements and needs of today’s international property owners and property management companies. The average property management company typically runs several different software solutions to manage its business. Microsoft Dynamics AX for property management offers one fully integrated all in one system automating... Read more
On-premises Application by: CGI
Price: For Purchase
Logica Business for Utilities Suite opens up new opportunities for future players in utilities. It includes a modern user interface, improved interaction with other systems and a more efficient and flexible management of contracts, products and prices. Increased flexibility Business for Utilities is designed to suit the changing company. It helps the company to meet changes... Read more
GO Airport Solution (0 Reviews)
On-premises Application by: CGI
Price: For Purchase
GO is a product suite which includes an airport operational database (AODB), a Resource Management System (RMS) and GOPADS - our flight information display system (FIDS) module. GO is a multi-airport Web based solution assuring standardization and centralized management of processes, reducing operational costs to 80% and maximizing resource allocation by planning through... Read more
CGI offers 1 professional services:
PragmaCAD (0 Reviews)
Consulting, Professional Service by: CGI
Price: For Purchase
CGI provides a flexible and highly configurable mobile workforce management solution essential to utomating daily business processes for guaranteed improvements in service availability, field productivity, and cost savings. From customer contact to fieldwork completion, PragmaCAD takes an innovative approach to automating and optimizing daily operational workflows across an... Read more