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On-premises Application by:
Release Date: 5/12/2010
Price: For Purchase
Easy Security for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a solution that makes it very easy to set up permissions for multiple users across multiple groups and companies – saving you time, money and resources when setting up security for NAV. Features: - Works in RoleTailored and Classic Client - Record permissions with the SQL Profiler or the Client Monitor - Add relations based on... Read more
Mergetool (0 Reviews)
On-premises Application by:
Release Date: 2/1/2010
Price: For Purchase
The Merge Tool is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV utility designed to help Microsoft Dynamics Resellers and Customers document, compare, upgrade and maintain modified customer solutions. This tool can also be used for implementing or upgrading add-on solutions in a modified customer version. The Merge Tool uses the text format of Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects to compare and merge... Read more
Easy Security Light (0 Reviews)
Administrative Tool by:
Release Date: 4/1/2012
Price: Free
NAV Easy Security Light is an efficient, cost-effective way to maintain security in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, greatly enhancing NAV’s security features - perfect for companies with less complex security requirements. Available for both the Classic Client and Role Tailored Client, Easy Security Light lets you manage access controls and security roles through an easy to use wizard... Read more
Add-in/Add-on by:
Release Date: 7/27/2011
Price: For Purchase
When regular security based on data and objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navision) is not enough, Field Level, Actions and Data Security (FLADS) can add extra capabilities like hiding fields, making actions impossible to click or showing only some records based on filters. The example below show the Sales Order with most actions disabled, The Post action... Read more