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ProSys Information Systems

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Phone: +1 (678) 268-1392
Fax: +1 (770) 300-0486

Originally founded in 1997 and based in Atlanta, GA, ProSys was created to deliver customized IT solutions backed by comprehensive engineering expertise and best-in-class products. Today, employing 350+ people with a near 3:1 ratio of Senior Consultants to Account Executives, we continue to work hard to be your trusted IT advisor.

ProSys serves mid-market, enterprise, public sector and educational organizations. We assess, design, acquire, implement and support IT hardware and software solutions for our clients. Our goals are to help our clients minimize their cost structure, increase the effectiveness of their supply chain, secure their network, improve communications and develop a customized storage management solution.

Our physical office locations are found primarily in the southeastern region of the United States; however, ProSys offers deployment services, delivery capabilities and more throughout the US. ProSys has resources of far-reaching channel agreements, as well as both national and international service and delivery options, allowing us to deploy resources quickly and efficiently. This flexibility helps us ensure that our customers are receiving the information and resources they need to deal with all of their IT and business challenges.

As part of our Systems Architecture Practice, ProSys delivers world-class solutions that meet the unique business and technology requirements of our clients. From strategic consulting and design to implementation and support, ProSys develops and executes custom-tailored solutions that address your current business and financial challenges. We partner with industry leaders to deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions that result in measurable cost savings, increased productivity and business flexibility.

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