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Swan Island Networks Inc. is a cloud security services provider specializing in intelligence solutions and cloud-based information sharing applications. Its flagship technology, TIES®, is a highly secure SaaS offering for integrating, displaying, filtering, and sharing data from hundreds of real–time and near-real-time sources. TIES, the Trusted Information Exchange Service, was originally developed in a series of U.S. Federal government R&D projects and now supports 20% of the Fortune 100 and more than 200 enterprises around the world.

TIES for Microsoft CityNext helps local and regional governments and their trusted partners take the next big step in the use of advanced information services for city security, public safety, public health, school safety, emergency response and other critical functions, by tying together existing Microsoft and third party products, with a wide spectrum of information into a powerful new service. Connecting the dots in chaotic situations, TIES for Microsoft CityNext, is helping leaders of cities, schools and other organizations make faster, better, and more informed decisions in response to breaking events...and strengthen their first line of defense.

TIES for Microsoft CityNext leverages Microsoft Windows Azure cloud infrastructure to deliver highly secure, reliable and scalable services that are easy to use and can be accessed from a variety of mobile and desktop devices.

TIES for Microsoft CityNext offers dashboard visualization and alert notification services, and can be quickly customized to meet your city’s requirements. TIES for Microsoft CityNext is available in three primary editions, including a city Leaders Edition, a Safe Schools Edition, and a Special Events Edition.

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