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    Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail
  • Company Website: http://www.onWindows.com

From customer magazines and book publishing to sales materials and electronic media, Tudor Rose can turn your marketing vision into reality. Our creative, intelligent and hard working team has a track record of delivering projects on time, within budget and way above expectations.

We work alongside Microsoft to publish a suite of enterprise customer magazines and books that focus on the company’s key enterprise industry solutions and partners. Each publication is designed to give readers the knowledge and insight to help maximise the value of their investment in Microsoft and partner technologies.

Industry magazines:
Speak discusses the retail, consumer and hospitality sectors, Finance on Windows offers high-level insights into current market trends in the financial services arena, Prime covers business-critical issues for manufacturing partners and Touch examines the solutions available to public sector organisations. The magazines offer expert commentary on the issues that matter, helping customers understand how to plan and execute their IT strategy. For a growing number of partners, the magazines provide valuable opportunities for the communication of company news, customer successes and thought leadership.

Global Outlook books:
The series of Global Outlook books for manufacturing and resources, retail and hospitality, financial services and public sector provide a unique resource for customers seeking to leverage and extend the value of their investment in Microsoft technology. Each book in the series features a directory of over 100 Microsoft partners, as well as unique insights into Microsoft’s technology roadmap and regional industry trends. The guides are designed to give a real overview of what will be happening across each sector over the next three years and beyond.

Microsoft Pinpoint collaboration:
Tudor Rose is proud to collaborate with Microsoft Pinpoint in the publication of Microsoft's industry magazines and the Global Outlook books.

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