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The harmon.ie (pronounced 'harmony') product family brings enterprise collaboration to every business user by transforming Outlook email and mobile devices into collaboration and social workspaces. harmon.ie drives document and social adoption of SharePoint because users do not have to change their daily routine.

Benefits of harmon.ie include:

- Drives SharePoint adoption: Drag-and-drop access to SharePoint documents, from e-mail.
- Prevents data leakage: Send links to SharePoint documents, not attachments; prevent documents from reaching the wrong hands.
- Reduces email storage requirements: Send document links instead of attachments; substantially reduces email storage.
- Boosts productivity significantly: Perform SharePoint document-sharing tasks 6 times faster.
- Increases visibility and project transparency: Manage and share email messages on SharePoint; all project correspondence is stored in one central place.
- Drives adoption of SharePoint 2010 social networks: View SharePoint profiles in Outlook, reach peers via email/IM, access document rankings, note boards, and tags.
- Lets users follow documents and people status updates from the convenience of their tablet computers.
- Provides full-featured SharePoint access from the office...and from the road

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harmon.ie successfully enables Lotus Notes integration to SharePoint

Reviewed by:Sandy_Harvey Reviewed on:3/5/2012

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