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At KMD we help local government, central government, regional and private customers to administer their IT operating environments so that they are free to focus on their core business without having to worry about devoting resources to monitoring, maintaining and developing complex IT installations.

We develop Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions, where we take over the organisation's administrative procedures – particularly payroll. Based on many years' experience of optimising complicated, labour-intensive processes, KMD has attained a unique wealth of know-how when it comes to large-scale operations and optimisation of administration-heavy tasks. KMD currently carries out total payroll and HR administration for more than 115,000 salary-earners.

A growing area of activity for KMD in the central government market in particular is Application Management, where we help with the maintenance and development of customers' IT systems, ensuring optimal IT support for their business.


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Gold Business Intelligence
Gold Enterprise Resource Planning
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Gold OEM
Gold Software Asset Management
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Silver Communications
Silver Devices and Deployment
Silver Identity and Access
Silver Management and Virtualization
Silver Server Platform