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Litéra Corp.

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Phone: +1 (336) 375-2991
Fax: 336 3752921

Litéra Corp. helps customers leverage technology to enhance business processes and achieve success.
Litéra offers a comprehensive suite of document creation, comparison, collaboration, cleansing and control software that provides customers with unsurpassed content confidence enabling them to manage their documents and data with a degree of control not available through any other solution on the market. Our focus is technology-based solutions that meet the critical content management needs of today’s business professionals and increase the productivity, speed and effectiveness of law firms, corporations, government organizations and educational institutions.

Litéra solutions offer patented document creation, comparison, collaboration and cleansing solutions that allow users to manage their documents from concept to completion.

Using the Litéra product portfolio, users can:

- Create document templates with Innova
- Create new PDFs by editing and reflowing existing PDF content with LDF
- Convert, extract and print to PDF with the Litéra PDF Suite
- Compare Word and PDF documents with Change-Pro
- Compare Excel spreadsheets, including formulas and values, with Change-Pro for Excel
- Compare PowerPoint presentations, with Change-Pro for PowerPoint
- Collaborate simultaneously and share input on a single document with Litéra IDS
- Cleanse metadata from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents with Metadact and Metadact e

Possibilities for ground-breaking technology partnerships are available.

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