Predixion Software, Inc.

Predixion Software, Inc.

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Predixion was founded on the belief that predictive analytics has the power to create a smarter, safer and healthier world – and that access to this power should not be limited to a select few with extensive statistical knowledge. To achieve this vision, Predixion developed a self-service predictive analytics platform called Predixion Insight™ that simplifies the entire predictive process.

Predixion Insight is designed for business analysts and other non-technical users to enable broader adoption of predictive analytics, but is powerful and flexible enough for data scientists. In addition, Predixion expedites the “Last Mile of Analytics™” – the deployment of powerful predictions directly to those that need them to take action – so the value of being predictive is realized immediately.

More than 200 companies rely on Predixion to help drive better decisions every day.

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