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Accounting services

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415 Group is dedicated to helping our clients fulfill their financial reporting needs and requirements; by hiring talented individuals and investing in training and tools, we are able to deal with the changing rules and pronouncements that are placed on our clients to comply with their unique reporting standards.

We meet regularly with our clients and explain the content of the financial statements and other accounting issues. By tailoring our approach to meet their situation, we are able to provide objectivity and a high quality of accounting no matter what their financial services needs. We believe that our accounting services are more than just services. Through our accounting services we can add our experience and observations to help our clients compete in a global economy.

If you require a high level of assurance to third parties, we can perform an audit of your financial statements. Audit services consist primarily of the examination (testing of records and confirmation internally and externally of data) of the financial statements and the issuance of our opinion as independent CPAs on the fairness of presentation of the financial position and operating results.

We use a constructive approach to auditing by acquiring a knowledge of the client's accounting and operational controls. Therefore, as part of our audit services, we offer suggestions on ways the accounting system can be improved to provide for higher efficiency, more effective control, and improved accounting. We also look at the business operations and other areas where earnings of the company can be improved. We combine the technical, practical and business approach to our engagements.

For other assurance you may have to provide to third parties that don't require an audit, we can perform a review or compilation. Both a review and a compilation are substantially less in scope than an audit performed in accordance with generally accepted audit standards, but they still provide financial statements representative of management. A compilation only presents financial statements that are the representation of management. A review presents the same representation, but analytical review, questioning of personnel and other procedures are performed on the financial statements enabling us to determine whether there is a substantial departure from that representation.

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