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Advanced Infrastructure Solutions

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Our Managed Services is here to provide network security and stability while lowering the cost of system maintenance and administration. It will give a customer the ability to secure critical information or functions while simplifying the management of their IT infrastructure. With the Managed Services implimented one is able to stop spending all of their internal IT staff or time on maintenance or troubleshooting. Comprehensive management and security services will reduce the administrative overhead for customers while providing an up-to-date, secure, stable, infrastructure to run day to day operations. Managed services provides and organization with 24 hour remote monitoring, patch management, critical updates, current software platforms, software distribution, backups, anti-virus protections, and spam filtering. Through removing system management and security responsibilities from the your customer’s IT staff and by providing end-user support services, your customer's staff can focus more on the strategic needs of their organization as opposed to the daily tasks required to keep their network environment stable.

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