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AgileSharePoint - SharePoint Workshops & Templates

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• AgileSharePoint Introductory Workshop

The AgileSharePoint Introductory Workshop consists of two workshop sessions, each lasting around four hours. The first session is to introduce your business leaders, managers, and IT team to the features of SharePoint and what it can do for your business.

The second 4 hour session identifies key features the business team has asked for during the first session, and the solutions that will work best for your organization. This session typically includes the IT team and SharePoint power users and introduces the components of AgileSharePoint Business Suite.

• AgileSharePoint Business Suite

AgileSharePoint Business Suite from Agile IT harnesses the power of SharePoint and the Office 365 platform in the cloud or on-premise to deliver new levels of productivity in your organization. This comprehensive suite of applications was built on the Office 365 platform, and leverages SharePoint, Office, Outlook, Lync and other Office 365 features.

Specifically designed for small to medium organizations that require easy to use, quick to deploy and cost effective solutions, the modules which make up SharePoint Business Suite allow any organization to quickly make cost-effective use of SharePoint functionality without having to devote time and money to learning SharePoint.

SharePoint Business Suite comes with full installation and configuration; and comprises the Intranet Portal and three other optional modules: Human Resources, CRM and IT Support.

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