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Banking Industry Solution with Microsoft Surface

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For large enterprise organizations:

For the banking industry to win customer loyalty and build customer satisfaction, it must overcome some technological challenges inherent in the industry, including:

- Weave together disparate systems that serve customers at various touch points.

- Build a cohesive view of customers and their data to ensure seamless service and support regardless of where the customer has accessed information.

- Deploy more nimble systems that can support emerging banking models both today and in the future.

Next generation banking platforms will allow bank branches to radically transform the front office and integrate banking functions across all touch points while preserving the traditional channels as the front-line of customer service. By deploying an anytime, anywhere model, the banking industry will break down the traditional walls of business and embrace a new approach where the customer is at the center regardless of whether they are banking by mobile phone, ATM, online or in a branch.

Together, Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade have developed a Next Generation Bank Solution that leverages state-of-the art technologies and high performance business process models specifically built around the banking industry.

Avanade, an enterprise technology services provider, has proven experience in developing solutions based on Microsoft technologies in the field of Touch, especially when using Microsoft Surface to create applications with a high degree of interactivity and realism. Over the years, Avanade has designed and developed for Microsoft Surface applications designed to meet the demands of its clients to offer their unique and innovative experience.

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