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Cloud Computing Strategies Using Microsoft Azure Platform

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Helping You Build a Cloud Computing Strategy
Our approach to cloud computing is built around a “Journey to the Cloud” Discovery Day, a one-day workshop based on our successful Accelerated Solutions (ASE) methodology of Scan, Focus and Act.

Participation in a “Journey to the Cloud” Discovery Day helps you develop a cloud strategy for your company, as well as define which applications are suitable and in what timeframe.

Our experienced facilitation teams help you discover the possibilities of cloud computing for your company. We help you focus on business opportunities and define the appropriate transformation map to achieve your objectives.

Capgemini delivers this service in a well-designed phase by phase and step by step approach to support your journey to the cloud.

Based on our experience, we recommend that companies favor the adoption of a transformation plan for migrating applications into a hybrid model that integrates the cloud. We believe this balance of on-premises platforms and cloud environments is the best way to leverage the business advantages of current technologies. We employ a holistic approach that helps you fill in the gap between public and private clouds. You retain full management control of each and every layer of infrastructure, platform and application.

Capgemini offers cloud consulting, development, migration and back-up services to the Azure platform, as well as established reference architecture and project templates. This support enables you to:

- Increase speed to value: reduce deployment times by up to 70%

- Improve flexibility: scale infrastructure resources on demand, or develop a hybrid approach, while maintaining some fixed computing capacity in either Capgemini or your own data centers

- Reduce costs: achieve economies of scale through the shared use of cloud computing infrastructure
Avoid capital expenditure: shift IT spending to operational investments

- Implement greener IT: reduce your carbon footprint, as the computing capacity of the cloud is more powerful than traditional data centers

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