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Enterprise Solutions Consulting

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Organizations face an increasingly dynamic environment, with greater demands for responsiveness and efficiency. Over the past few years, IT has been progressing at a rapid pace, but the progress in managing and effectively delivering IT has been much slower. The consequence is an increasingly widening gap between the potential with IT investments and what organizations actually get. Our Enterprise Solutions Consulting Practice offers unmatched breadth and depth of services to help clients realize greater value from their IT investments and operations, and effectively enable business change. Our consultants are passionately committed to delivering to our clients and creating competitive advantages and optimized business performance through IT. We combine deep expertise with creative, rigorous and industry proven frameworks-allowing us to best match your needs with optimal IT solutions. Sogeti USA's Enterprise Solutions Include:

- IT Strategy and Governance
- Enterprise and IT Architecture, SOA and Service Oriented Infrastructure
- Portfolio Optimization and Transformation
- Project Management Methodology and Capability Development
- Software Delivery Management
- Process Management and Optimization
- Business Intelligence and Performance Measurement

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