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Computer Technology Solutions, Inc. (CTS, Inc.)

High Availability Architecture

(0 reviews - Review this app or service) is a services provider who facilitates the electronic transmission of health care data between consumers, employers, insurance brokers, and insurance providers. datacenters process thousands of transactions per day.

Hardware or software failures in the datacenter can cause service disruption to customers. Clustering servers into a highly available configuration can prevent downtime in these instances. BizTalk Server 2006 provides out-of-the-box clustering capabilities. is the fastest growing technology company in the state of South Carolina. Transaction volumes grow along with the customer base, creating a higher demand on the IT infrastructure.

To accommodate increasing demand, adding additional servers (scaling out) is a more economical approach than replacing existing servers with faster ones (scaling up). BizTalk Server 2006 is built on a highly scalable architecture allowing consumers to distribute processing between multiple servers and add servers as needed.

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