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I.T. Insiders

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Full Sales and Services for Small Business

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Computer Hut / I.T. Insiders provides full sales and services for your business and can act as your in-house maintenance department, eliminating the need to hire full time technicians, and offering you the ability to call us on an "as needed" basis.

Dedicated to our customers needs, our knowledgeable salespeople and experienced engineering staff can assist before, during and after the sale. We assemble and sell our own brand of hardware products made from quality components such as: Intel, Seagate, Aopen, Microsoft, and Acer.

Backed by the industry's leading distribution system, we have fast access to over 100,000 of the latest hardware and software products.

Just as every company is unique, so too is every corresponding computer and network installation. Computer Hut / I.T. Insiders combines experienced people with proven processes to meet the challenges of today's organizations. We take the time to thoroughly understand your business and business issues before recommending a solution.

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