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New Signature

Information Technology Consultation Services

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New Signature stands out from the crowd of other IT consulting companies because we level the playing field for our small and medium sized clients. Our clients are able to act "big" by obtaining access to the same economies of scale, best practices, dedicated customer service and technical expertise that normally only large companies enjoy. As a result, New Signature clients achieve a number of long-term benefits, such as the ability to focus on their core business, increased employee productivity, improved corporate efficiency and faster execution of new projects, products or initiatives.

New Signature's consultants act as our client's Chief Technology Officer and provides a technical voice in the strategic planning for the company. In this role we are often involved in developing the IT budget, and cooperatively building a strategic technology plan that positively impacts the organization's business.

New Signature provides ongoing management and support of your IT infrastructure including: desktops; servers; network; security; mobile devices; virtualization; telecom; peripherals; and more. Part of New Signature's role as your IT management company is to ensure that problems do not occur, or that when they do occur that we catch, and correct, these issues before they can impact your business operations. As such, we can perform routine maintenance activities on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to ensure the highest level of server and network stability, complete accurate backups, up-to-date patches and service definitions, and much more.

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