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Innovative Computer Systems, Inc.

Intune Deployment

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    PC Management
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    Windows Intune
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    General - Applicable to All

Windows Intune is an integrated, cloud-based client management solution that provides tools, reports, and upgrade licenses to the latest version of Windows, and Windows Intune helps keep your computers up-to-date and secure.

• PC management & security in the cloud
• Perform security and management tasks remotely from a web-based console
• Help secure PCs from malware and virus threats with endpoint protection
• Deploy most updates and line of business applications through the cloud
• Greater performance and security with available Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade

Windows Intune simplifies and helps businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows Intune cloud services and Windows 7. Windows Intune includes:

• The cloud service for PC security and management.
• Upgrade rights to Windows 7 Enterprise and future versions of Windows.

It’s a powerful combination of cloud services for PC security and management solutions and Windows upgrade licensing—all rolled into a single subscription.

ICS is a Designated Intune Black Belt Partner, as a result of our expertise and competency with Windows Intune.

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