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Ipanema Solutions LLC

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Back Office Infrastructure and Managed Services

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Ipanema Solutions implements back office infrastructure to support electronic mail, file sharing, customer relationship management systems, and printing. Ipanema implements server solutions from Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and SonicWall along with providing implementation and training services to hotel staff.

Microsoft is the leader in back office infrastructure software. Microsoft has solutions for hotels to support line of business applications such as property management systems and customer relationship management systems. Microsoft has turn-key database and messaging solutions built into its Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 solution. Microsoft's HyperV virtualization software is quickly penetrating the hospitality market to allow small and midsize hotels run multiple server applications on a single hardware server. This saves both upfront and on-going costs.

Ipanema Solutions provides managed services to offer on-going maintenance, support and training services to its hospitality clients. Ipanema Solutions is committed to providing long term support for the technology solutions we install. We currently offer managed services for the following areas: guest Internet support, back office infrastructure and converged network services, telephony managed services, and business center workstation maintenance that includes Microsoft updates.

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