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Legacy System Migration to SharePoint

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Don’t be forced into an upgrade of your legacy system. Realize an immediate ROI with a migration from a legacy system to Microsoft SharePoint. KnowledgeLake provides a complete cost-effective solution to migrate a legacy system to SharePoint.

This solution includes:
- A migration assessment with a detailed review of your existing legacy system
- Recommended migration strategy
- Estimate of time and cost
- Documented migration plan

KnowledgeLake can help you plan and implement the migration of your legacy system to SharePoint.

Our solution provides the following features:
- Migrate Images, Annotations, COLD with Overlays
- Step by Step Auditing of each Document
- High Speed Multi-Threaded Migration Solution
- Legacy Document Class to SharePoint Library/Content Type Mapping
- Multiple Migration Strategies
- KnowledgeLake Professional Services with expertise in a broad range of legacy systems and trained and certified SharePoint experts

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